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To receive the bonus, make a deposit according to the table.
Deposit Bonus
$500 or more $275
$1000 or more $550
$2000 or more $1100
$4000 or more $2200
$8000 or more $4400


* After account registration and required verification procedures. Live Help
  • The “55% Bonus” promotion is running from 8 July 2013 to 8 August 2013.
  • To receive the 55% bonus, a client should fund his account via NETELLER and send his bonus claim to Customer Support at:
  • During the “55% Bonus” offer other deposit bonus promotions don’t apply.
  • A client can receive the bonus only once and only for one account.
  • If a client has several accounts, he can receive the bonus only for one of his accounts.
  • Only one bonus can be given for one IP address. In case the bonus is credited to two (or more) accounts with the same IP, the bonus amount will be deducted from all the accounts except the first one for which the bonus was claimed.
  • An internal transfer between accounts is not considered to be a deposit, which means you cannot claim the bonus for a deposit made via an internal transfer.
  • The “55% Bonus” promotion has been developed only for “Micro” and “Standard” MT4 accounts. “Welcome!”, “MT-ECN,” “ZuluTrade,” “Standard-MT5,” “Premium” and “Integral” accounts are not participating in this promotion.
  • “55% Bonus” does not apply to accounts that have already received other bonuses.
  • The 55% bonus is designated only for trading and can’t be withdrawn. If a withdrawal is made, the 55% bonus will be deducted. After the promotion ends (after 8 August 2013), the bonus will stay on the account balance but will be deducted at any funds withdrawal.
  • The 55% bonus will be deducted if a client submits a withdrawal request, including an internal transfer between his accounts or a funds transfer to the Trader’s Cabinet balance.
  • NordFX employees and NordFX partners can’t take part in the promotion.
  • In case NordFX has suspicions that a client misuses or tries to misuse the promotion rules, the company reserves the right, at its own discretion, to deny, stop or deduct the 55% bonus, and, when strictly necessary, block that client’s account.
  • In case NordFX has suspicions that a client misuses the promotion rules by hedging his positions internally (using other NordFX trading accounts) or externally (using other trading accounts at other brokers), the company has the right to immediately deduct the bonus from the client’s account or from the hedged account without the client’s consent, and, when strictly necessary, block the client’s account.
  • NordFX reserves the right to change the promotion rules without prior notice.
  • NordFX has the right to deduct the bonus in any cases of rule misuse and violations.

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