Our conditions allow you to receive the highest partner commission on Forex:

Up to 25% of the spread for each trade by your client

Percentage-based commission accrual tangibly increases your income. You can receive a partner commission to the tune of 1, 2, 3 and more points of the spread.

Automatic Registration

It will take you only a few minutes to register a partner account.

Commission for All Trades by Your Clients

No restrictions for you and your clients – commissions are credited fully for all transactions regardless of their trading results, duration or volume, opening and closing prices, or a client’s trading strategy.

Online Commission Accrual

Commissions are credited to your account automatically after trades are closed in real time.

Quick and Easy Funds Withdrawal

You can withdraw a commission of any size at any convenient time – via a bank transfer or to a bank card, via different online payment systems or online exchange services.

NordFX is extending a partnership invitation to all interested!

Become Partner

How does the Affiliate Program work?

The Affiliate Program’s idea is very simple and effective. A client attracted by you opens a trading account, funds it and begins to trade. As he closes each transaction, the commission is automatically credited to your account and becomes available for withdrawing.

How to register a partner account?

You need to fill out the online registration form on the website and carefully read and accept the Partner Agreement. After registration is completed, your account will be activated automatically and you’ll be able to attract clients.

How to attract and register a client?

You can attract clients any way that suits you!

Do you have a website? We’ll provide you with a promotional banner. If you’re sociable and have many friends and acquaintances interested in finance, you can tell them about our company. Do you train traders? Recommend NordFX to your trainees. If you are an active and respected member of a Forex forum, you can place your link on the forum and be sure to get a lot of feedback.

You attract clients with the help of your personal referral link. A client that goes over to the NordFX website via your referral link receives a cookies code which is kept for 3 months. This way, even if the client doesn’t open an account immediately but returns a few days, weeks or months later, we’ll know that it is your client. He registers an account, funds it and starts trading. As he closes each trade, the commission is credited to your account.

How is the partner commission formed?

The size of the partner commission depends on the client’s account type.

Account type: Partner commission (% of spread)
“Micro” 25%
“Welcome!” 25%
“Standard” 20% *
“ZuluTrade” 20% **
“MT-ECN” 15% ***
* The partner commission for trading metals (XAUUSD/XAGUSD) is 10%. ** Without the 2-point spread increase for the use of the “ZuluTrade” platform. *** Of the set commission for “MT-ECN” accounts.

Client 1 opens a “Micro” account and monthly makes 10 EURCHF trades with the lot volume 0.1 each. The value of the 4-point spread for the total 1 lot trade volume is $44.72. The partner commission is $11.18 (1 pip or 25% of the spread).

Client 2 opens a “Standard” account and monthly makes 50 EURNZD trades with the volume 1 lot each. The value of the 10-point spread for the total 50 lots volume of trade is $3,950. The partner commission is $790 (2 pips or 20% of the spread).

Client 3 opens an “MT-ECN” account and makes 300 EURUSD trades with the volume 5 lots each. With the total turnover 1,500 lots, the client’s commission is $7,500. The partner remuneration is $1,500 (15% of the client’s commission).

Suppose you have attracted 50 clients with “Micro” accounts, 10 clients with “Standard” accounts and 2 clients with “MT-ECN” accounts. Your total commission will be $11,459 per month.

The size of the partner commission is not limited in any way – the greater the number of attracted clients and their trades, the higher your income.

How to withdraw funds from a partner account?

You can withdraw commissions of any size at any convenient time.

To withdraw funds, you need to log into the Partner’s Personal Area, go to “Withdrawal” and submit a funds withdrawal request according to the instructions. Withdrawal requests are processed daily. You can use a bank transfer, transfers to VISA and MasterCard, various online payment systems and exchange services.

Partner Tools

For easy and efficient work, the Partner’s Personal Area offers the following:

- the referral link to attract clients;

- promotional materials (we’d also be happy to make customized materials at your request and provide marketing support);

- to follow your traffic on the company website, you can make use of online statistics of visits via your referral link, traffic origins and geotargeting;

- detailed online statistics of attracted clients and partner commissions;

- prompt support regarding any emerging issues.

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