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Exchange trading without knowledge is a fortune telling
Alternative type of earnings - trading in financial markets
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"Money should be controlled not served" Seneca, a Roman philosopher
Sarinia, 35 years oldThailand
She sells handbags and fashion accessories. On Forex, having started from $35, she turned them into $2500 within a few weeks.
I started Forex to have extra income. I did not finish any special courses, I studied, getting information on various online resources. I am still not very strong in the market analysis, just got used to try my best always and in everything and bring the matter to the end.

What advice can I give to novice traders? Nothing special. You just need to learn more and trade more!
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Ranbir Kumar, 32 years oldIndia
He earns up to $5000 on Forex and transfers his knowledge to students.
Forex opened the door to the future for me. I have been developing and improving my trading strategy during many years, in the hope that it would let me, then a non-wealthy person, create my financial well-being. And I was right. Now, I not only make four or five thousand dollars a month on Forex myself, but I also teach others to trade. Of course, there are bad days, and even weeks, when I lose money, but in Forex it is very important to have patience, not to despair and believe in yourself. After the thunderstorm, the sun will surely look out.
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Luis Nandes, 54 years oldUruguay
He earned $40,000 on Forex on his first day.
I have a small shop, there are few buyers, and a lot of free time. I put a laptop next to the cash register, watched movies, made bets in the lottery, until somehow I heard about Forex from a friend. He explained some rules to me, helped open an account, download a terminal, and I started trading. Beginner's luck, they say. This is for sure - for the first day I, starting with $500, I earned - you won’t believe it! - as much as 40 000! I just opened positions, then more and more ... At night I barely slept, I dreamt I was buying a villa, a yacht, a luxury car ...
In the morning I was already at the computer, and by lunchtime my account was already ... zero! The luck was over. But I learned two things from this story. The first is that in Forex you can earn very quickly and a lot. And the second is that this much can be lost just as quickly. A Forex trader is a job, it is a profession, and here knowledge and experience are needed. And now, two years later, I know how not to lose 500 dollars, but to make one thousand or even two out of them.
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Andrei Valchuk, 38 years oldRussia
He provides for his family through Forex trading.
When I started trading in Forex, I had a small, but my own business, and my family did not object to such a hobby of mine. Now, alas, I had to abandon this small business, and at the moment Forex is almost the only item of income in my family. Yes, it is possible to feed the family at the expense of Forex. But for this one will have to work hard. And as for becoming a millionaire, I don’t know - so far I’m far from it. Of course, I would like to be one.
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Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Is special basic education necessary to trade in financial markets? Special education is not required. After training you will receive the necessary basic knowledge.
  • How will I get the free course? After opening an account, you will receive a welcome email with links to the free course.
  • Where can I get a trading terminal? Download the terminal via the link - and install it on your computer.
  • Do I need to provide documents when registering an account?When registering a trading account, documents are not required.
  • How do I log in to the Trader’s Cabinet?The Trader’s Cabinet is located at
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