Margin Call Bonus
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Margin Call Bonus is a unique insurance cumulative bonus designed to assist you
in the most challenging
What is a Margin Call?

It's a signal that the drawdown on your trading account is approaching a dangerous threshold. You need to fund the account or close losing positions; otherwise, your positions will be liquidated, and you'll be left counting losses. Is it a disaster?

No! Margin Call Bonus comes to the rescue!

It provides additional funds to maintain open trading positions and continue active trading when a Margin Call occurs.

The Bonus Amount
depends solely on you and is calculated based on your trading turnover before the occurrence of a Margin Call.
Completed trading volume on the account Bonus amount (per 1 lot)
from 2 to 5 lots $5
over 5 to 10 lots $7
over 10 to 50 lots $10
over 50 to 100 lots $12
over 100 lots $15

Example: Before the Margin Call Bonus is credited, you executed a trading turnover of 40 lots. Consequently, a bonus of $400 will be credited to your account, calculated as 40 × $10.

What is required to receive the Margin Call Bonus?
Step 1.Open a Pro Account.
Open a Pro Account
Step 2.Submit an application to participate in the Margin Call Bonus program.
Step 3.Trade and increase the size of your bonus.


Step 4.When a Margin Call occurs, submit a request for the bonus to be accrued.
Accrue Bonus
Rules of the Accumulative Bonus Program

Be sure to carefully review these Rules to learn who can participate in the program, and understand the procedure for bonus accrual and utilization.

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& Margin Call Bonus

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