As of 25 March 2015, registration of new “Welcome!” accounts will be closed.

"Welcome!" account is designed for traders who want to be sure of the unsurpassed quality service of NordFX Company. We are so confident about our service quality that we offer everyone who wishes to begin trading, to do it at our expense! Trading conditions are identical to our "Micro" account, the main difference is that all "Welcome!" accounts have $8 in their balance immediately after opening and verification of account. These funds will only be charged after first withdrawal, this way you can start trading without making any deposit, and all profits earned can be withdrawn at any time.

  • $0 minimum deposit;
  • 21 currency pairs;
  • Fixed spread from 2 pips;
  • Leverage up to 1:500;
  • Minimal lot 0.01;
  • Maximum lot 10 with step 0,01;
  • Maximum number of open positions and pending orders 100;
  • Automatic trading is allowed;
  • Level of margin call /stop out 40%/20%; *
  • First withdrawal commission: $8; **
  • There are restrictions for trading Stop orders on news***.

Account "Welcome! is intended solely for customers to familiarize themselves with the quality of our service. Despite the fact that profits earned from trading in the bonus account can be withdrawn at any time, we will have a negative attitude towards the activity, aimed solely at extracting a direct financial gain through targeted loss on one account associated with the gain of profits to another account. On detecting such activity, as well as any violations of the rules of promo campaign and customer agreements, the accounts will be blocked without warning and without giving any explanation in the future.

* An hour before market closing margin call/stop out levels can be increased up to 200%. Please be careful with positions that you leave for weekend.

** Only one "Welcome!" account from the same IP address and for one person is allowed to be opened and used. If you violate this rule, all accounts of this type will be blocked.

*** Since the MT server is not always correct counting gap levels when activating Stop and Stop Loss orders during strong market movements (for example, a release of economic news), trading strategies on this account type are not supported. We recommend using “Standard” and “MT-ECN” accounts. If a “Welcome!” account is required, it is possible under the following conditions:

  • trading average of 0.1 lot and above;
  • the account holder must create a request for individual hedging. After confirmation has been received, restrictions on trading strategies are removed.

If this restriction is ignored, orders created as a result of this strategy can either be canceled by the Company or brought to the real market value, based on data for the performance of similar, individually hedged orders. Orders accidentally caught in a price gap in the described conditions do not fall under this restriction.

Contract Specification.

Trading tool Swap long Swap short Dealing spread Size of 0.01 lot
EURUSD -0,4 0,05 2 1000 EUR
USDJPY -0,1 -0,1 2 1000 USD
GBPUSD 0,1 -0,45 3 1000 GBP
USDCHF -0,1 -0,2 3 1000 USD
EURCHF 0,05 -0,3 3 1000 EUR
AUDUSD 0,6 -0,9 4 1000 AUD
USDCAD -0,4 -0,1 4 1000 USD
NZDUSD 0,4 -0,9 4 1000 NZD
EURGBP -0,1 -0,05 4 1000 EUR
EURJPY -0,1 -0,1 3 1000 EUR
GBPJPY 0,05 -0,3 6 1000 GBP
GBPCHF 0,05 -0,3 7 1000 GBP
CHFJPY -0,1 -0,1 3 1000 CHF
EURCAD -0,5 0,1 6
1000 EUR
AUDCAD 0,3 -0,6 5 1000 AUD
AUDJPY 0,6 -1 5 1000 AUD
NZDJPY 0,4 -0,8 6 1000 NZD
GBPCAD -0,4 -0,1 8 1000 GBP
AUDNZD -0,2 -0,1 10 1000 AUD
AUDCHF 0,5 -0,9 7 1000 AUD
EURNZD -1,75 0,5 8 1000 EUR

Trading time:

24 hours a day, beginning at 00:00 on Monday and ending at 22:00 on Friday (trading server time)

Lot - volume unit of the instrument which is used to conduct transaction, it is equal to 100 000 base currency units.

Level of limit and stop orders means minimal interval between current price and pending order level (in points). Inside the interval Take-Profit, Stop-Loss and pending orders can't be placed. When placing orders within the range, server will give an error message and won't accept the order. Limit and stop orders level is equal to typical spread.

Freezing level - inhibit to modify orders which are close to the market. Editing, deleting and closing of positions, which are about to be executed, are forbidden. Freezing level is equal to 1/2 typical spread.

Position overnight transfer is carried out as market swaps (swap size is reflected in points).

Swaps can be positive and negative and are calculated as difference between interest rates. Swap is charged daily at 00:00 according to the server’s time. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged 3 times larger. Swap rate is a product of point price, number of lots and number of days.

Margin call – warning level, appears when ratio of funds to pledge becomes lower than allowed value. In this case dealer has a right (but not obliged) to close one or several client’s positions according to market conditions.

Stop out – liquidation level, appears when ratio of funds to pledge becomes lower than allowed value. In this case dealer is obliged to close one or several client’s positions in order to avoid negative balance on the account.

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