December 22, 2014

Please review the schedule of trading sessions for the Christmas and New Year holidays below:

DateCET (Terminal)Event
24.12.2014 (Wednesday) 17:00 Trading closes
26.12.2014 (Friday) 00:00 Trading opens
31.12.2014 (Wednesday) 17:00 Trading closes
02.01.2015 (Friday) 00:00 Trading opens

From 00:00 24.12.2014 to Monday’s opening 05.01.2015, margin call and stop out levels will be increased up to 100% for “Micro,” “Account 1:1000,” “Standard,” “Welcome!” and “ZuluTrade” accounts. In the absence of stable market liquidity, NordFX reserves the right to increase the spreads for the financial instruments on the quotation lists of “Micro”, “Account 1:1000” and “Welcome!” accounts, or to stop quoting on specific currency pairs (for any type of account) until the market situation is back to normal.

We’d like to remind you that low liquidity and unpredictable market movements characterize the holiday period. Therefore, NordFX recommends providing sufficient margin for positions that may remain open during the holidays, to prevent automatic liquidation of positions at an undesirable price.

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