August 31, 2020

Number of Accounts Opened in NоrdFX Exceed 1.500.000

Since its foundation in 2008, NоrdFX brokerage company has become one of the recognized leaders in the international forex industry, as evidenced by the trust of clients from more than 190 countries. And this August, the number of trading accounts opened in the company has reached 1 million 500 thousand.


May 28, 2020

World Confederation of Businesses Presents NordFX with Business Excellence Award

The World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB), bringing together more than 3,500 members from more than 130 countries, has recognized the NordFX broker company as the winner of THE BIZZ Business Excellence Award.


May 15, 2020

Legal Documentation Updates

Dear clients, some of the regulatory documents have been updated: KYC Requirements and Withdrawal Policy and Procedures.


February 26, 2020

NordFX Social Trading Service, Affiliate Program, and Investment Funds Receive More Awards for 2019

Trading on the financial markets is becoming more dynamic, and competition is constantly growing, requiring brokers to make non-standard, innovative solutions in a variety of ways. In this situation, it is encouraging that all the main trends in the development of the NordFX broker company in 2019 have received the highest rating from the Forex and crypto communities.


January 24, 2020

Copy Trading: One More NordFX Service for Profitable Trading and Investing

The broker company NordFX has offered its clients one more opportunity for profitable trading and investment in the financial markets in 2020: Copy Trading service.


January 6, 2020

NordFX Professional Prizes and Awards Reach 50

At the end of 2019, NordFX was prized with three more professional awards. Thanks to this, the company can now claim to be one of the most titled brokers in the world: the total number of honorary prizes and awards it has received since 2008 has reached 50.


December 18, 2019

We Wish You a Happy New Year 2020!

We congratulate you on the coming Christmas and the New Year and sincerely wish you, your family, friends and acquaintances happiness, prosperity and fulfillment of the most cherished desires!


December 17, 2019

New Year s Eve Stocks-Surprise Gift from NordFX

December is the month of summing up the results of the year. But before doing so, NordFX decides to give its clients a New Year's surprise gift by expanding the range of trading instruments and introducing a new Stocks account designed for CFD trading with the shares of the world's largest companies.


December 15, 2019

The Winter Holiday Period: Trading Schedule

Dear clients,

Please note that during the winter holiday season, the following changes will be made to the trading schedule.


December 2, 2019

Philippine Traders Prefer NordFX

"We only trade with NordFX!"- this motto was supported by hundreds of beginners and experienced traders who took part in a series of seminars that were held in Eastern Mindanao, Philippines.


October 29, 2019

Successful Traders - Successful Company. NordFX Shares Its Expertise with Traders in Vietnam and Beyond

One of the main priorities of NordFX is to improve the skills of traders, aimed at improving the results of their trading in the financial markets.

Constantly developing this direction, the company offers its customers the opportunity of both online and offline training. This is especially important in view of the constant updating and expansion of the range of products and tools that they can use in their work.


September 30, 2019

Saigon Financial Education Summit Closes with NordFX Award

At the end of September, the largest metropolis of Vietnam, the ten millionth Ho Chi Minh city, saw an event that attracted the attention of not only numerous specialists, but also those who want to gain experience in online trading and investing in financial markets. One of the participants of the Saigon Financial Education Summit (SFES) was NordFX, with an impressive team of this international broker at its booth.


May 31, 2019

NordFX Products and Services Praised at the Philippines Traders Fair

The brokerage company NordFX took part in the specialized Forex Traders' Fair-2019 which was held in the capital of the Philippines, Manila, at the end of May.


May 3, 2019

NordFX Is Named the Best Cryptocurrency Broker for the Third Year in a Row

Starting from 2017, the brokerage company NordFX has been awarded many professional awards for achievements and innovations in crypto trading. And at the end of this April, its collection got one more award: NordFX has been named the Best Cryptocurrency Broker according to the respected international online portal FXDailyinfo.


April 17, 2019

The Range of Services NordFX Offers to its Clients Is Enriched with One of the Most Popular Investment Services, PAMM Accounts

Starting this April, NordFX clients can use one of the most popular and time-tested methods of trust management - PAMM-accounts (Percent Allocation Management Module).


March 26, 2019

NordFX Seriously Improves Trading Terms for Traders

At the end of this March, the broker company NordFX has made another improvement in trading conditions, significantly reducing spreads and transaction costs, thanks to which the company's clients have received new additional opportunities to increase their income.


February 21, 2019

NordFX Presents Its New FinTech Developments in Thailand

The brokerage company NordFX traditionally took part at the specialized Forex expo, Traders' Fair-2019, which was held in mid-February in the capital and the largest city of Thailand, Bangkok.


February 18, 2019

NordFX Scores a Hat Trick at the Forex Awards Ratings

Hat trick is the achievement of a positive feat three times in a game. Using sports terminology, it is possible to call "hat trick" the success of the brokerage company NordFX, awarded as much as three honorary awards of the Forex Awards Ratings by the results of the past year.


February 13, 2019

NordFX Offers CFD Trading Tools to Its Clients

Dear Clients,
We are glad to inform you that, starting from February 12, 2019, UKOIL.c (Crude Oil Brent CFD-contracts) and five CFD-indices have been added to the list of available trading instruments.


January 5, 2019

In Recognition of a Successful 2018, NordFX Receives Three More Prestigious Awards

The results of the annual voting were published on the website of the International Association of Forex Traders IAFT Awards at the very beginning of the new year 2019. The voting was held for the seventh time, and according to its results a list of the most popular financial market companies in 2018 was formed. More than 200 companies struggled to win, and only 23 of them received the highest award: a victory in a nomination and a title of market leader. Among them is the brokerage company NordFX, which has won in the nomination “Best Broker in Asia” with a large difference.


December 21, 2018

Our Wishes for a Happy New Year

Dear Clients and Partners,

Summing up the year, we would like to thank you for your cooperation and for the trust you have shown for us.


December 14, 2018

The Winter Holiday Period

Dear clients,

Please note that during the winter holiday season the trading schedule will be modified as follows.


November 29, 2018

NORD FX Offers Investments in Most Reliable and Profitable Shares of Major Global Brands

Starting from mid-November, NordFX clients enjoy another opportunity for portfolio investments in stocks of major global companies. The three investment funds, Pro-Industry Fund, Pro-Tech Fund and Pro-Expert Fund, include stocks with highest reliability and best prospects for growth.


September 26, 2018

NordFX Receives Two Crypto Trading Awards

This autumn, NordFX has been awarded two prestigious awards, which mark its innovative developments and a high level of crypto trading services. The International Business Magazine has named NordFX Best Broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies, and the company has been recognized as Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Broker 2018, according to the Global Brands Magazine's expert council vote.


September 4, 2018

NordFX Launches Exchange Crypto Trading based on MetaTrader 5

Starting from September 3, in addition to MT4, NordFX launches exchange trading in cryptocurrencies based on the MetaTrader 5 platform. This platform, as well as the Crypto account, is intended only for operations with cryptocurrencies, where all clients carry out transactions not with a broker or an exchange, but exclusively with each other. At the same time, the system is completely transparent: thanks to the depth of the market, each limit order is visible to all trade participants.


June 4, 2018

NordFX Launches RAMM - A New Trading and Investment Service

Dear Clients, it is our pleasure to inform you about the launch of RAMM, a unique trading and investment platform that allows you to control acceptable risk levels.


May 5, 2018

NordFX named Best News and Analysis Provider by FXDailyinfo

NordFX has once again been recognised for the high quality of its services. The latest recognition came from international portal FXDailyinfo, which, after a round of voting, named the economic analysis and reviews of our experts the best in the industry.


April 10, 2018

Profit 7000% per Month: Success Formula from Miss Sarinya

For some reason, it is a common opinion that trading in foreign exchange markets is, like chess, mainly a male business. However, this is not at all the case, and women, with their perseverance and patience, can quite often give a hundred points to the odds to the "strong" half. The results that a trader from Thailand has recently showed, can serve as an example: she has managed to increase her deposit by 70 times in less than a month!


March 16, 2018

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds in Ethereum (ETH)

We are pleased to inform you that starting on 19 March 2018 you will be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account in Ethereum (ETH), alongside USD and Bitcoin.


February 21, 2018

NordFX is Launching a New Investment Service

NordFX continues to expand the range of services it provides. Starting from  February 21, the company's clients will have access to a new service that will allow them to receive income through long-term investments in the shares of the world's largest companies.


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