March 10, 2010

Dear Clients!

NordFX Company is glad to present you new member's area, which is designed to present full information properly and make it acceptable for user. Here you can easily interact with the company and your trade account due to wide spectrum of available functions; user friendly and intuitively understandable interface helps making your search easier and work process becomes comfortable.

Since the beginning of 2010 every single customer has got access to the new member's area on the official NordFX website ( New member's area is designed according to the wishes, comments and suggestions expressed by our company's clients, it is really easy and comfortable to use our new member's area as it has wide range of different functions which make information search and presentation much easier.

Main functions and characteristics of the member's area:

1. Intuitively understandable graphical user interface, which was totally redesigned in order to serve for better and easier perception of information.

Here you can find visual structure and functional ability improvement, starting from personal settings up to working with trading terminal and payment systems.

2. Our security system is improved, your personal information privacy is guaranteed.

We provide multilevel protection of any information sent including documentation and passwords and your personal settings.

3. Misunderstandings and discomfort of information perception is avoided by using our multilingual interface. We embodied ability of automatic recognition of member's area language as well as the ability of introducing personal settings irrespective to customer's IP address.

4. Personal settings provide high level of work efficiency and flexibility. Automatic fund transfer (to chosen terminal) function, security settings, payment notifications as well as many other features are also available in member's area.

5. In order to make your multiple terminals operating easier, we created new "account balance" tool.

Due to our new tool, any operations regarding incoming and outgoing funds, as well as further crediting trading terminal balance became more comfortable and visible. Balances which are located in an each terminal are also available to view.

6. Our demo account registration made in two clicks will help you to save your time and to improve your skills of terminal usage.

Simple and fast demo account opening made in any trade terminal is a good imitation of real market conditions.

7. As we are widening trading account work potential, some new payment systems were added, including local payment systems.

8. By using trading accounts monitoring service you can make your trade results visible for other users or show your successful strategy to potential investors and your friends. Monitoring is very important during the contests held by company, as everyone can check statements, transactions and results at any moment.

9. Contextual prompts help you to prevent problems while making payments. There are detailed instructions for every step while working with payment systems, such instructions contain all necessary information about the system, work conditions, commissions, time and order of performing operations.

10. HelpDesk updated version has advanced facilities to create and manage tickets, which helps the company to provide faster and effective service to its customers.

11. Detailed instructions with save your time while contacting customer support service. All the documentation concerning member's area, trade terminals and payment systems managing and operating are updated and precisely structured.

Our new member's area is a composition of work experience of our customers and modern technologies.

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