December 18, 2012

Dear Customers,

Please review this schedule of trading sessions for the Christmas and New Year holidays:

Date CET
25.12.2012 (Tuesday) 07:00 Trading is closed
26.12.2012 (Wednesday) 02:00 Trading will be opened late
28.12.2012 (Friday) 22:00 Trading is closed as usually
02.01.2013 (Wednesday) 02:00 Trading will be opened late

From 02:00 25.12.2012 to 02:00 02.01.2013 levels of margin-call and stop-out will be tripled, and become 120% / 60% for micro, standard, welcome and zulu accounts. In the absence of a stable liquidity in the market, the company Nord FX reserves the right to increase the spreads on financial instruments included in the quotation list of “micro” and “welcome” accounts, or to stop quoting on specific currencies (any type of account) until the market situation is back to normal.

We remind you that the holiday period is characterized by low liquidity and unpredictable movements in the market. Therefore, Nord FX recommends taking care of leaving enough margin for any open positions that can be left on during the holidays, in order to avoid automatic liquidation of positions at undesired prices.

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