July 4, 2016

First, a review of last week’s forecast:

  • as to EUR/USD, those 20% of analysts, suggesting the gradual rise of the pair, alike the rise of USD/CHF after the ‘Black Thursday’ as of 01/15/2015, turned out to be right. At least, over the past week the pair regained nearly 150 points and wrapped up the week within the area of lows seen in late May – early June;
  • the forecasts as to the future of GBP/USD were also vague, as well as the forecasts in respect of future relationships of Great Britain and EU: last week opinions of the analysts were split almost equally: 30% voted for the pair’s fall, 40% - for the its rise and 30% - for a sideways trend. That’s exactly what happened: first the pair slightly fell, then it went up a little bit, then it moved downwards again and eventually it appeared at the low of June 24 - 1.3270, having fulfilled expectations of all experts, including those supporting a sideways trend;
  • making forecast for USD/JPY, 40% of experts and the graphical analysis on Н4 predicted that the pair would move within the range of 101.00 – 104.00, which did happen, only range-adjusted – it turned out to be even narrower than predicted - 101.40–103.40;
  • as to USD/CHF pair, 70% of experts, backed by the majority of indicators, expected the pair to return to the pivot point of 2015/16 at the level of 0.9800. The pair did rallied fairly quickly to the predetermined level, where it had been stalling during the midweek, following which it went down to the same values it had started the week from – to the area of 0.9730.


Forecast for the Upcoming Week:

Summing up the opinions of several dozen analysts from world leading banks and broker companies as well as forecasts based on different methods of technical and graphical analysis, the following can be suggested:

  • the effects of Brexit are likely to influence the condition of markets for a very long time. And uncertainty in respect of the way the Foggy Albion will be separated from the EU (and whether it will ever be separated) causes uncertainty in forecasts of analysts. As to the acting of EUR/USD for the upcoming week, 45% of analysts insist on the pair’s rise, 45% - on its fall, and the remaining 10% reached a compromise voting for a sideways trend. Readings of the indicators show the same variety of opinions, but the graphical analysis on Н4 draws a well-defined sideways channel within1.1035–1.1180. With this, you should consider that NFP data – the key figure of economic health of the USA - will be released on Friday, July 08, which usually cause spikes in exchange rate of US dollar. Unlike the fuzzy week forecast, the medium-terms forecasts provide a much clearer picture: over 80% of analysts reckon that in somewhere about two months the pair will go down first to the level of 1.0800, and then further – to the area of 1.0500–1.0600;
  • as to GBP/USD, here we can see a unique situation – 100% of experts, fully backed by the technical analysis, predict a sideways trend, which is of course due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit. The level of 1.3300 is referred to as the pivot point, 1.3070 – as the lower boundary of the channel, 1.3550 – as the upper boundary. As to the forecast until the end of the month, here more than 55% of experts tend to believe that the pair will fall below the level of 1.3000;
  • as to the future of USD/JPY, almost 70% of analysts, backed by 100% of indicators and the graphical analysis on H4, voted for the pair’s fall at least to the zone of 100.00–101.00. With this the area of 103.50 is indicated as the main resistance level. An alternative point of view, supported by the remaining experts and the graphical analysis on D1, suggests a possible rise of the pair to the level of 106.30. Therewith, you should consider that currently USD/JPY is at the pivot point level of the first half of 2014, and it may move alongside this line for some time;
  • as to the last pair of our review – USD/CHF, it’s highly likely that the pair will continue fluctuating around the pivot point of 0.9800, and with this it will pursue bullish attempts to return to the landmark level of 1.0000.


Roman Butko, NordFX

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