May 8, 2017

One of the main priorities for NordFX is to continuously improve the terms of your trading. This includes considering a highly important indicator for traders: the size of the spread.

Today, we are happy to inform our clients that spreads on one of our most popular accounts, "Standard", have been reduced. For many of the major currency pairs, typical spreads have been reduced from 20 to 80 per cent. For example, for the pair EURUSD the spread is now 1.3 (instead of 1.6), for USDCHF it is 2.0 (instead of 2.7), for AUDUSD it is 1.8 (instead of 2.2), for USDCAD it is 2.7 (instead of 3.1), for NZDUSD it is 2.9 (instead of 3.6) and for XAGUSD it has become 1.0 (instead of 5.0).

At the same time, the smallest dynamic spreads for these pairs size up to only 1.0. This, together with our high-quality quotes and our very high order execution speed, is achieved due to our cooperation with leading large liquidity providers, and allows traders to utilize any trading strategies they wish.

To learn more details on the "Standard" account, please visit the "Trading Accounts" section at the NordFX website.

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