December 12, 2017

Dear partners! We are glad to inform you that starting from 11.12.2017, we are introducing updated terms of the Affiliate Program for the Fix, Pro and Zero accounts. The new accounts have combined all the best features of their predecessors.:

  • The new Fix account has combined "Micro" and "1:1000" - the spreads are reduced, new currency pairs and metals are added. The affiliate commission from the Fix accounts now forms a fixed 1 pip, which means $ 10 per lot with EURUSD (it used to be $ 8 per lot).
  • The Pro account has combined the accounts "Standard" and "Crypto" - the spreads are reduced, cryptocurrencies are added. The affiliate commission from the Pro accounts now makes a fixed 0.5 point from the currency pairs, which means $ 5 per lot with EURUSD (previously it was $ 3.9 per lot). The affiliate commission for metals is $ 5 per lot (previously $ 4 per lot). The affiliate commission with crypto currency is $ 5 per lot with BTCUSD, $ 0.1 per lot with LTCUSD, $ 0.5 per lot with ETHUSD.
  • The Zero account has replaced MT-ECN - the new spreads are from 0 points, the trade commission is reduced. The affiliate commission from Zero accounts now makes fixed 0,4 points for currency pairs, $ 4 per lot from metals. The partner commission from crypto currency pairs is $5 per lot for BTCUSD, $0.1 per lot for LTCUSD, $0.5 per lot for ETHUSD.

The two-level Partner program, thanks to which NordFX pays its first-level partners 10% of the commission of the second-level partners, remains unchanged.

Also, as before, the commission is automatically credited online, you can withdraw the commission at any time and without any restrictions.

The transition to the new terms for the current NordFX partners will be carried out automatically with the automatic conversion of old trading accounts into new ones.

We hope your clients will appreciate such a substantial improvement in the trading terms, and you will significantly increase your income from participating in the NordFX Affiliate Program!

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