April 10, 2018

Profit 7000% per Month: Success Formula from Miss Sarinya

Profit 7000% per Month: Success Formula from Miss Sarinya1For some reason, it is a common opinion that trading in foreign exchange markets is, like chess, mainly a male business. However, this is not at all the case, and women, with their perseverance and patience, can quite often give a hundred points to the odds to the "strong" half. The results that a trader from Thailand has recently showed, can serve as an example: she has managed to increase her deposit by 70 times in less than a month!

Miss Sarinya is 35 years old, she lives in Northern Thailand in Chiangrai Province, where she sells bags and all kinds of fashion accessories. And as she said, in order to have some additional income, a few years ago she decided to take up Forex.

"I did not finish any special training courses," says Sarinya, "I studied, receiving information from all sorts of online resources. I am still not very strong at technical analysis, I am just used to do her best always and in everything, and to bring the matter to the result. I tried many different trading strategies, sometimes I lost, sometimes I earned. As a result, I developed my own method - just trade, set a profit target, and stop when you start losing money."

- For many people, the most difficult part is to stop in due time. Don't you mind to part with the money in such cases? - we ask Sarinya.

- I have no passion for money, as I do not strive to make a lot of money quickly. I do not at all expect to become a millionaire with the help of Forex," - Sarinya smiles. - As I said, I just want to have extra earnings.

- And you are great at this: just in a few weeks’ time, having started from $ 35, to turn them into $ 2500 is an outstanding result, frankly speaking.

- Yes, I learned about NordFX from the partner of this company - Miss Tip. At first, I got used to the platform, and then I began to trade.

- And what are your impressions?

- Everything is fine, including withdrawing funds: - all goes quickly and without problems.

- As far as we know, you do not use expert advisors, you trade on your own, "manually". But such a trade takes a lot of time. What do your family and friends think about this?

"Well, since I'm making money, they do not mind me doing this."

- If it's not a secret, having received $ 2500 from NordFX, how will you spend it? Will you have a big family dinner, go shopping or spend the money on anything else?

"I'll spend it on something else," Sarinya smiles again. - Simply put, I will use it for further trading on Forex.

- And the last question: what advice do you have for beginning traders?

- Nothing special. One just needs to learn more and trade more!

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