September 26, 2018

NordFX Receives Two Crypto Trading Awards1

This autumn, NordFX has been awarded two prestigious awards, which mark its innovative developments and a high level of crypto trading services. The International Business Magazine has named NordFX Best Broker for Trading Cryptocurrencies, and the company has been recognized as Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Broker 2018, according to the Global Brands Magazine's expert council vote.

"Our award," writes the Global Brands Magazine, "aims to identify and recognize the significance of exceptional service delivery and reward the performance with the ultimate global Recognition. An external research team was constituted to evaluate the nominees. Data was collected by the team from different sources including third party data providers and annual reports. As per our research team, your company has been doing really well showing excellence in the field of Forex and has been qualified and recognized as Most Trusted Cryptocurrency Broker 2018.

The award is a testimony for your company, who has performed extraordinarily well and have achieved brand excellence over the last few years. Congratulations from the Global Brands Magazine!”

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