February 13, 2019

Dear Clients,
We are glad to inform you that, starting from February 12, 2019, UKOIL.c (Crude Oil Brent CFD-contracts) and five CFD-indices have been added to the list of available trading instruments, including:

  • DJ30.c (Dow Jones 30, a stock index covering 30 major US corporations),
  • US500.c (S&P 500, a stock index which includes 500 selected US joint stock companies with the largest capitalization),
  • DE30.c (DAX, Germany 30 Cash index, an index that includes the 30 major German companies whose shares are traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange),
  • USTEC.c (NAS100 - NASDAQ-100, a US stock index. The index includes 100 largest companies in terms of capitalization, whose shares are traded on the NASDAQ exchange. The index does not include financial sector companies),
  • JP225.c (JP225.c - Nikkei 225, an index representing the average value of the stock price of 225 companies traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange),

Trading with CFD instruments (contracts for difference Contract for Difference) is available on Fix, Pro and Zero accounts. You can find more detailed information on the contract terms for these instruments in the specifications of these accounts, CFD Specification tab.

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