September 30, 2019

At the end of September, the largest metropolis of Vietnam, the ten millionth Ho Chi Minh city, saw an event that attracted the attention of not only numerous specialists, but also those who want to gain experience in online trading and investing in financial markets. One of the participants of the Saigon Financial Education Summit (SFES) was NordFX, with an impressive team of this international broker at its booth.

Saigon Financial Education Summit Closes with NordFX Award1 

The NordFX brand is already well-known in Vietnam. SFES also made it possible to introduce the summit participants to the latest developments of this brokerage company in the field of not only currency trading, but also work with cryptocurrencies, as well as portfolio and individual investment in shares of the world's major companies.

Another attractive tool for traders is the opportunity to profit from transactions with major world stock indexes, such as Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Nikkei, etc., as well as with indices that reflect the movement of leading cryptocurrencies.

The final chord of the summit was the awarding of financial companies that have deserved the greatest recognition and respect. The winners were determined by open online voting, as a result of which the NordFX brokerage company received the Excellent Affiliate Program prize for its two-level affiliate program, which has already attracted over 25,000 people from different countries.

It should be noted that it is easy to become a partner of NordFX, for this you only need to go through a short registration procedure.

You can learn the details of the terms and benefits of the program at

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