April 15, 2021

NordFX brokerage company has already paid more than $30,000,000 to its IB partners. And the leading partners of this broker earn between 5,000 and 17,000 USD per month.

Trading in financial markets is a very risky business. Some make millions  here and some lose their last penny. You need to have a sufficient amount of knowledge, professional experience, a strong nervous system and... luck, in order to get into the first category.
But even if you do not possess all these qualities, you can take advantage of the work of those who have them in abundance. For this, there are services such as PAMM and Copy Trading, where experienced traders will earn for you, receiving a certain reward for this. You can, after all, take advantage of the achievements of modern science, thanks to which robots will trade instead of you.
But there is another way to make money in the financial markets: these are partner programs: IB (from the Introducing Broker in English) and Affiliate.   

IB Affiliate Forex Program: Earnings Without Risk1

IB and Affiliate Programs: What They Are and How They Work

The principle of operation of such programs is very simple and effective. No start-up capital is required of you, and you are not risking any money. You just attract clients who want to become traders to the NordFX brokerage and get a commission from their trading. And it doesn't matter how well they succeed in this activity. You will receive your commission in any case, from each of their transactions: not only a profitable one, but also a losing one.

It is evidently much more profitable for you, the broker and the client themselves to make their transactions as profitable as possible. The longer and more successfully they trade, the more profit you and the broker will receive in the form of commission. It is important that the trading conditions for the client remain exactly the same as if they opened an account with NordFX not with your help, but on their own.
So, the partner program is a unique case when all three parties benefit: the client, the partner, and the broker.

How do IB and Affiliate programs differ? To put it very simply, the IB attracts clients by directly contacting them, and the Affiliate - by using the Internet and online services. Although, of course, everything is very relative, and combined options are quite possible.

A good way to attract clients is to create (or already have) your own website or blog dedicated to currency or crypto trading. But a page on social networks on other topics is also suitable, for example, on the topic of chess, computer games or even cooking. Why not? After all, chefs do not mind the additional earnings either.
With the help of NordFX specialists, you can talk on this online resource about what trading in the financial markets is, what its advantages and features are. And you can place a banner or a link next to the text, clicking on which a visitor to your site/blog/page can immediately open a trading account with NordFX. But you can also attract clients through discussions on Internet forums, posts on social networks, or simply by discussing everyday topics with acquaintances and unfamiliar people when meeting in a cafe or in the street.

Long-term practice shows that a partner's business is much more successful if they themselves know about transactions in the financial markets not by hearsay but have some experience of their own. In this case, they will be able to explain to potential clients all the advantages and subtleties of this type of online earnings much more skillfully. And some of the most experienced partners even organize regular seminars for their clients, where they share their experience with them, introduce them to the most profitable strategies and other trading secrets.

What the Advantage of NordFX Partner Programs Is

Being a NordFX partner is solid and prestigious. The company is one of the leaders in the financial industry. Since 2008, more than 1,500,000 accounts have been opened by clients from nearly 190 countries. And the company itself has been awarded more than 50 prestigious professional awards and prizes. NordFX has received awards confirming the highest quality of its partner program as well, which was recognized as the best in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 by MasterForex-V, Saigon Financial Education Summit and the Forex Awards.

A very important factor is the reliability and safety of client funds. There has not been a single hack over the years of NordFX work, and not a single penny of client funds has been lost or stolen. It is not for nothing that the company was recognized as the Most Reliable Broker of 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020;

Other important advantages of NordFX partner programs can and should be noted:
 - calculation of partner commission in real time;
- instant withdrawal of a commission of any size and at any time;
- payment of the second level commission up to 10%;
- a variety of innovative advertising materials to attract clients, as well as a huge amount of training materials that will help make your clients' trade much more efficient and profitable;
- and now about what every partner cares most about, their commission payments. They make up to 60% of the spread. As for CPA, the NordFX model is one of the most advanced in the industry here, up to $700.

How Much a NordFX Partner Actually Earns

In theory, the partner's maximum earnings are unlimited. But besides theory, there are also real statistics. More than 25,000 NordFX partners worldwide have already been paid more than $30,000,000.
Of course, not all partners work in the same way. Some are more active in attracting clients, some are not. Their earnings also vary accordingly. Practice shows that the real earnings of NordFX's most active partners in 2021 amounted to between 5,000 USD and 17,000 USD per month.

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