July 12, 2021

We are not saying that other ways of investing are stupid and bad. No way. It is just that the methods that will be discussed can help to increase the income from your investments many times over. In addition, they are simple and accessible to everyone.

What Is It All About and What Is the Secret?

We are talking about investments in currencies, cryptocurrencies, shares of the world's largest companies, stock indices, gold, silver, and oil. On the face of it, nothing new. You can go to a bank and put your money on deposit. Or purchase one or more shares. Or you can carry out similar operations, but through a broker, and make a profit tens, hundreds and thousands of times greater than with conventional investment.

How is this possible? And isn't it cheating? No, not cheating, and everything is real. The secret is that large brokerage companies provide loans to their clients - immediately, automatically and without any collateral. And it is thanks to it that the client is able to make investments many times greater than their own start-up capital. Such transactions with financial support from a broker are called margin or leveraged transactions in professional slang.

Previously, such operations were only available to the bigwigs on Wall Street. Now, thanks to the development of the Internet and the improvement of software, hundreds of millions of ordinary people around the world have gained access to them. It's enough to have just a computer or a smartphone and at least $10 for the initial investment.

Smart Investments1

Secrets of Space Profit

So how much can a broker increase your start-up capital? We will answer this question with the example of NordFX brokerage.

So, for currency transactions, leverage can be as high as 1:1000. That is, with only $100, for example, you can make trades up to $100,000. And your profit in this case would be 1000 times that of a conventional investment. 

Leverage is 1:200 on gold transactions. That is, at the current price of $1,800 per ounce, you would need only about $290 instead of $58,000 in order to make an investment equivalent to 1 kilogram of gold.

Physically you won't get that kilo of precious metal. But this investment will be fixed in your account, and if the price of gold rises, you will receive exactly the same profit as if this weighty ingot was kept in your bank safe or just under your bed. A similar scheme applies to other financial assets. Agree, why should you look for a place to store, say, 10 tons of oil, if you can just credit it to your account?

You don't need large capital to invest in stocks either. The minimum investment volume is 1 share. And, for example, if Amazon.com Inc.'s current stock value is $3700, which is a large enough amount, then Hewlett Packard's stock price is only $30, and Ford Motor Company's stock price is even less, about $15. So even with $100, with 1:5 leverage in mind, you can build a good investment portfolio. Especially since in NordFX you will have a huge selection of securities: shares of almost 70 world-famous brands, including Apple, Ferrari, IBM, Visa, Google, JP Morgan Chase, Coca-Cola, Mastercard, McDonalds, Microsoft, Twitter, UBER, eBay, Alibaba, Netflix, Deutsche Bank and many others. In addition, ready-made "portfolios" such as stock indices will be at your service­ - Dow Jones, Standard & Poor's 500, DAX 30, Nikkei 225, etc., the leverage for which is 1:10.

Now cryptocurrencies. And in this case, you can invest in many ways. You can buy bitcoin for $35,000 on an exchange. That is how much it costs today. And you can spend as little as $150. This is exactly how much you need for a 1 bitcoin purchase to be recorded on your account with NordFX. All in all, this broker allows you to make transactions with 11 top cryptocurrencies, and all under the same super-profitable conditions. So, for a trade with ethereum only $15 is enough, EOS - $0.3, and an investment in 1 ripple will cost only 2 American cents.

Profit Is Huge, Risks Are Common

All of the above sounds like a miracle. But miracles do happen sometimes. Especially in the world of finance. Otherwise, where do the new millionaires and even billionaires come from? However, let's be honest - if with a successful investment your profit grows at a cosmic speed, then in case of failure you will incur losses at the same rate. But! At NordFX, you will never lose more than your starting capital.

That is, if you now invest $150 in bitcoin, and it grows from $35,000 to $65,000 by the end of the year, your profit will be $30,000. If the price of this main cryptocurrency goes down, you will lose your $150 at the most. And not a dime more.

Agree, a very good profit-risk ratio. However, it's up to you to decide. As well as to decide on the timing of the investment. If you put money on deposit at a bank, for example, you usually specify the term of that investment: one month, six months, or a year. While working with a broker, you can decide at any time to terminate your investment. You buy a stock, then change your mind, close the position and transfer the money, say, into gold. Or they just take it away. And you can do this at any time - both in a few seconds or in a few years.

Smart Investments2

Active Investor, Passive Investor

Everything is clear with active investing: this is when you assess the risks yourself and decide where, in what volume and for how long to invest your money. But if you do not have enough experience and you find it difficult to make such decisions, NordFX experts offer you the following three passive investment options.

PAMM accounts (from English Percent Allocation Management Module) is a classic, time-tested, simple and convenient way to earn money. Although it will require to give some of the profits to whoever works for you. You act as an investor, choose one or several PAMM-managers from the NordFX rating, whom you trust with your funds to carry out transactions in the financial markets.

2. Copy Trading is another popular way to make a profit, even if you have no independent trading experience. Just like the PAMM Service, you get full statistical information using which you choose not the PAMM Manager, but the Signals Provider. The difference is that in PAMM service the funds invested by you are credited to the manager's account, from which he or she makes trades, and in the Copy Trading they remain with you, in your account, where the trades of the Signal Provider are automatically copied.

3. And another option is the NordFX Savings Account. This account represents a unique know-how developed by the company's specialists, based on DeFi technology, and allows you not only to receive passive income up to 30% per annum, but also to increase your profits through independent operations in the financial markets, having received a trade loan from the broker at just 3%. Moreover, the investment income will be credited to your account not after the expiration of any period, but on a daily basis.

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