November 1, 2022

AllForexRating Portal Visitors Name NordFX Best Crypto Broker 20221 

The NordFX brokerage company has received numerous professional awards for achievements and innovations in the field of crypto trading starting from 2017. The title of Best Cryptocurrency Broker 2019 according to the authoritative international online portal FxDailyinfo is among them. NordFX was again named the Best Crypto Broker of this year already, 2022, at the very end of October. This award is the result of a vote on the portal, which forms a single conglomerate together with FxDailyinfo and ForexAllnews.

The winners in the AllForexRating Awards nominations were determined by an open vote of the online portal visitors, which makes this award especially valuable, as it reflects the opinion of the professional community most objectively. And we are sincerely grateful to all those who have voted for NordFX, for such a high appreciation of our work.

The possibilities of margin trading in cryptocurrencies were especially noted during the voting. Thus, for example, traders only need $150 to open a trade with a volume of 1 bitcoin, only $15 for a transaction in 1 Ethereum, $0.02 for a trade of 1 Ripple and $0.001 for a trade of 1 Doge. Thus, even with limited funds (the minimum deposit is only $10 on the Fix account), a trader can use various trading strategies or form their own investment crypto portfolio.

Traders and investors also pointed out the benefits of the new Savings Account from NordFX, which represents a unique know-how developed by the company's specialists, based on DeFi technology. The world's most popular stablecoin, Tether (USDT), the rate of which is secured by real US dollars in a ratio of 1:1, is used as the account currency. DeFi benefits allow account holders not only receive passive income up to 30% per annum, but also increase their profits by trading independently in the financial markets. It is just enough to take an instant trade loan at only 3% secured by the funds placed on the Savings Account.

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