December 1, 2022

November 2022 Results: A Difficult Month for Forex Traders1 

NordFX Brokerage company has summed up the performance of its clients' trade transactions in November 2022. The services of social trading, CopyTrading and PAMM, as well as the profit received by the company's IB-partners have also been assessed. The results show that November was not the best month for Forex traders.

  • The maximum profit was received this month by a client from Western Asia, account No. 1652XXX, whose profit amounted to 24,789 USD. This solid result was achieved mainly in gold (XAU/USD), British pound (GBP/USD), and euro (EUR/USD) trades.
  • Gold helped their compatriot, account No. 1638XXX, to take the second step of the podium with the result of 19,260 USD.
  • The third place belongs to the owner of account No. 1664XXX from Southeast Asia. Using various trading instruments (GBP/NZD, EUR/JPY, EUR/NZD, etc.), this trader made a profit of 15,597 USD.

The passive investment services:

  • “Veteran” signal, KennyFXPRO - Prismo 2K, continues to grow in CopyTrading. Ie brought the profit to 277% in 576 days, but its maximum drawdown approached 67% in November. The signal provider had to increase the leverage to 1:200 for the first time to get out of it. The indicators of the second signal from the same provider, ­­KennyFXPro - The Cannon Ball, look like this: 244 days of lifespan, 79% profit. At the same time, its subscribers avoided stress: the leverage did not exceed 1:43, and the maximum drawdown remained at the same level, a little less than 13%.
    Startups include the Jhunjhunu signal (profit 547%/max drawdown 61%/lifespan 55 days). Here, as usual, we recall that such profitability certainly looks very attractive, but the subscriber should definitely take into account risk factors such as drawdown and signal life.
  • However, as practice shows, a long lifespan and good trading performance in the past do not guarantee against future losses. Thus, two leading accounts in the PAMM service suffered significant losses in November.
    The KennyFXPRO-The Multi 3000 EA account has been in existence since January 2021, and the maximum drawdown on it had not exceeded 20% until recently. However, the situation became more complicated last month, the drawdown exceeded 42%, and the account manager decided to close unprofitable positions. As a result, profits fell from 170% to 70% and returned to early 2022 levels. The TranquilityFX-The Genesis v3 account found itself in a similar situation: its maximum drawdown doubled as well, while profits fell from 130% to 44%.
    It is clear that closing losing orders was a very difficult decision for these PAMM managers, and they made it in order to save at least part of the money. Perhaps, if they had acted the same as with the KennyFXPRO - Prismo 2K account in CopyTrading, the losses would have been avoided, but the risk of a complete zeroing of deposits would have increased many times over. At the same time, it should be noted that the profit in both these accounts exceeds the interest on bank deposits many times even after the November losses.

Among the NordFX IB partners, TOP-3 is as follows:

  • the largest commission was accrued to a partner from Western Asia, account No. 1645XXX, for the second month in a row. It was 4,924 USD this time;
  • the next is their colleague from Southeast Asia, account No. 1660XXX, who earned 4,173 USD in November;
  • and, finally, a partner from Southern Asia, account No.1618ХХХ, who received 3,742 USD as a reward, closes the top three.


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Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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