January 9, 2023

The trading conditions in which modern traders work have changed dramatically over the past 10-15 years. Today, a trader's computer and trading terminal are able to work miracles, performing the most complex mathematical calculations in a fraction of a second. Moreover, it is now possible to fully automate the entire trading process using robot advisors. Nevertheless, for the automation to be complete, in addition to the robot, you also need a Forex VPS.

Forex VPS is a separate remote server hosting where you can install the MetaTrader trading terminal. The peculiarity of such servers is that they work 24/7 with an uninterrupted Internet connection, ensuring reliable operation of advisers and other programs. This is especially important, since Forex trading runs 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday, and the cryptocurrency market works without any breaks on weekends and holidays.

How to improve trading on Forex with VPS

There can be a huge number of force majeure events during trading that can directly affect the performance of the adviser, and the results of your personal trade. Typically, it's the sudden disappearance of the internet on your personal computer or, worse, a power outage. It is at such moments that an unset stop order or an unclosed position can bring huge losses.

The trader has another problem, from which few are insured - active children and family members. The fact is that they, unwillingly, can accidentally close your computer, or turn off your smartphone, and trade orders left unattended will begin to live their own lives, wasting your deposit at a tremendous speed.

If you use VPS trading, then it:

– will allow your robot advisors to work continuously, even if at some point electricity or Internet connection disappear;

– will provide an opportunity to secure the operation of the trading terminal from children and other family members;

– will get rid of the load on a computer or smartphone, especially if several terminals are used at the same time;

– and even if your computer was attacked by malicious viruses or there was a different failure in its operation, all this is not scary: your robot advisor will continue working on the remote VPS server in normal mode.

Thus, Forex VPS is a versatile tool for efficient trading that avoids a huge number of problems. Also, do not forget that only the uninterrupted operation of the advisor will allow you to fully implement its strategy and get the planned result.

Forex VPS: Full and Round-the-Clock Market Control1

Android VPS is another great trading opportunity

As we already noted, a VPS is a server remote from you, which can be located in another country, and with which not only your desktop computer or your laptop can be connected, but also any other gadget – a smartphone or tablet, for which Android VPS   is used. Thus, you can always – around the clock and from anywhere – control the work of your advisor, and if necessary, even interfere in its trading or conduct independent "manual" trading.

Fozzy: Fort Knox in the world of VPS providers

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the NordFX broker provides its clients with the opportunity to use the services of the Fozzy VPS provider with a very substantial discount. Thus, Android VPS will cost you half the price as for other traders. And this, in turn, can seriously affect the profitability of your trade.

The speed of transactions, the work and the cost of the services provided: all this is certainly of significant importance. But the benefits of working with Fozzy don't stop there. Another undoubted advantage is the concern for the clients' safety. In addition to using the most advanced antivirus programs, powerful software protects the servers of this VPS provider, becoming a stone wall in the way of insidious hackers and bots and repelling DDoS attacks of any level.

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