January 26, 2023

Online trading in Forex, crypto, stock or commodity market is impossible without registering and opening an account with a brokerage company. And as soon as traders go through these procedures, they immediately become the owner of the Trader's Cabinet (TC) on the official NordFX website.

This is as mandatory and useful as a trading terminal. Knowing the functionality of both, and the ability to use it correctly, can be of great help in such a difficult matter as trading in financial markets.

Trader's Cabinet: its Structure and Features1

Opening the attached PDF file and studying its contents, you will learn how to properly set up your account in the TC and protect it from unwanted intrusions. Get information on how to deposit and withdraw earned funds, where you can see the entire history of your financial transactions and how to open and merge trading accounts.

Your Trader's Cabinet will open up opportunities for you to earn extra money using Savings Account and services such as PAMM and Copy Trading. In addition, you can join the Affiliate Program using the TC and increase your income by attracting new active clients to NordFX. The Reference Section is designed to improve trading performance, it contains a lot of text and video materials that are useful for both beginners and experienced traders.

Detailed information about all this and much more is in the attached PDF file. Welcome to your Trader's Cabinet.

Download Trader's Cabinet User Guide

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