April 6, 2023

Affiliate programs (IB) at forex brokers provide an opportunity to earn additional income by attracting new clients to the broker's platform. This can be beneficial both for experienced market participants who want to monetize their knowledge and skills, and for beginners who want to gain experience and earn money by attracting new users. Let's look at NordFX as an example what an affiliate program is, how it works and what opportunities it provides.

Why NordFX?

NordFX is an international brokerage company with more than 15 years of successful work in financial markets. The number of accounts opened with NordFX by clients from almost 190 countries worldwide has exceeded 1,800,000 to date.

The affiliate program of this experienced broker is of particular interest, as it has absorbed all the best that has been done in the industry in this direction, and therefore has been awarded many prestigious professional awards. Forex Awards Ratings and Masterforex-V EXPO recognized it as Best Affiliate Program in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. In addition,it was recognized as Excellent Affiliate Program 2019 at the Saigon Financial Education Summit in Vietnam.

Forex Broker's Partnership (IB) Program: What It Is and How to Earn Money on It1

What an Affiliate Program Is and How It Works

A forex broker affiliate program is an agreement between a broker and a partner (individual or company) under which the partner attracts new clients to the broker and receives a reward for this.

The affiliate program works according to the following principle:

1. The partner registers in the program and receives a unique referral code/link that will identify the clients they refer.

2. The partner places promotional materials and information about the broker on its resources (websites, blogs, social networks, etc.), and/or attracts clients as a result of personal communication.

3. Clients register on the broker's platform via the referral link.

4. Registered customers deposit funds and start trading, and the partner receives a corresponding reward for this.

Rewards and Other Benefits of Partnering with NordFX

The reward depends on the volume of attracted funds and the activity of trading operations performed by attracted clients. There are several main types of rewards in NordFX that make partnership with this broker as profitable as possible.

1. CPA (Cost Per Acquisition): the partner receives a fixed amount for each attracted client who made the first deposit. At NordFX, CPA can reach $700.

2. Lot Rebate: the partner receives a reward for the trading turnover that the attracted client made during a certain period. Such payments reach 70% of the spread.

3. In addition, a NordFX partner can expect to receive a Referral Bonus of $100, as well as an Extra Bonus, which depends on the amount of client deposits:

Net Deposit is $25K = $250,

Net Deposit is $30K = $500,

Net Deposit is $50K = $1000.

In addition to the largest commissions and payouts in the affiliate industry, the following advantages of cooperation with NordFX can be noted:

- Multi-level IB system, which allows you to build your own network business and earn from 5 levels;

- Individual partner development programs, personal commission plans and exclusive support;

- Instant commission credit;

- Progressive customer reporting, traffic tracking and commission statistics;

- instant withdrawal of a commission of any size and at any time;

- The best trading conditions, the most popular tools and platforms for attracted clients;

- A variety of innovative promotional materials, widgets, landing pages and banners to attract customers;

It should also be noted that the official website of NordFX is constantly updated with new language versions. At the moment, their number has reached 15. In addition, the broker's partners appreciate the presence of a huge amount of educational materials on the website in these languages, which allows them to conduct educational seminars, improving the trading performance of existing clients and attracting new ones.

Another strong advantage of the Affiliate Program is the ability for clients from many countries to replenish their deposits and withdraw earned funds using local payment systems, the number of which currently exceeds 25.

- A very important factor is the reliability and safety of client funds. In more than 15 years of working in financial markets, NordFX experts have accumulated extensive experience in repelling any hacking attacks. There has not been a single hack, and not a single penny of client funds has been lost or stolen. It is not for nothing that NordFX was recognized as the Most Trusted Broker in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020 and 2022, and World Confederation of Businesses awarded this broker the Business Excellence Award in 2020 and 2022.

How Much a NordFX Partner Actually Earns

NordFX determines the TOP 3 most effective IB partners on a monthly basis. In 2022 alone, TOP-3 participants were paid $243,344 USD. Moreover, the highest commission paid to one partner was $24,700 in one month. In total, more than 25,000 NordFX partners have already received more than $30,000,000 in commission during the partnership program, and these numbers continue to grow steadily.

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