June 1, 2023

NordFX CopyTrading: 5,343% Profit from Gold Trades1 

The brokerage firm NordFX has summed up the results of its clients' trading transactions for May 2023. The social trading services, CopyTrading and PAMM, as well as the profit earned by the company's IB partners, were also evaluated.

  • The leader for the month was a trader from Western Asia, account number 1692XXX, who made a profit of 130,874 USD. This substantial result was achieved through trades with gold (XAU/USD) and the British pound (GBP/USD).
  • The second step of the podium was taken by a representative from Southern Asia, account number 1679XXX, with a result of 33,895 USD, also made through trades with gold (XAU/USD).
  • In third place was another trader from Southern Asia, account number 1549XXX, who earned 24,857 USD in May through trades with the euro (EUR/USD) and the British pound (GBP/USD).

In NordFX's passive investment services, the situation was as follows:

  • In CopyTrading, we continue to track the fate of the "veteran" signal KennyFXPRO - Prismo 2K. It continues to recover from the shock of November 14, 2022, when its maximum drawdown exceeded 67%. As of today, it has achieved a profit of 348% over 757 days. Another signal under the same "brand" also draws attention: KennyFXPRO - Variables_RBB 35. In its 175 days of existence, it has shown a relatively modest profit of 40%. However, what makes this signal interesting is that this profit was achieved with a fairly moderate drawdown of 24%.
    One notable start-up signal is Future Forex, whose provider managed to achieve a 91% profit from GBP/USD trades over 68 days, with a maximum drawdown of about 30%.
    Finally, the super-hit of the last two months: Trade2win. In just 62 days, this signal has achieved a phenomenal profit of 5,343% from gold (XAU/USD) trades, with an equally remarkable drawdown of less than 15%. Trade2win's trading style is not overly aggressive: there are few trades, and the average leverage is far from the maximum possible, ranging between 50 and 150. Despite these impressive achievements, it's important to remember that past performance doesn't guarantee future success, and that trading in financial markets is risky. Thus, to avoid losing funds, subscribers should exercise maximum caution and always adhere to money management principles.
  • The PAMM service showcase still features two accounts we have mentioned several times in previous reviews. These are KennyFXPRO-The Multi 3000 EA and TranquilityFX-The Genesis v3. On November 14, 2022, like their CopyTrading colleagues, they suffered significant losses – drawdown approached 43% at that point. However, the PAMM managers decided not to give up, and as of May 31, 2023, the profit on the first of these accounts exceeded 100%, and on the second, 66%. We also continue to monitor the Trade and Earn account. It was opened more than a year ago, but lay dormant, awakening only in November. As a result, over the past 7 months, its return has exceeded 100% with a very small drawdown of less than 10%.

Among NordFX's IB partners, the Top 3 looks as follows:

  • The largest commission reward of the month, amounting to 10,370 USD, was credited to a partner from Western Asia, account No. 1645XXX.
  • In second place is a partner from Southern Asia, account No. 1668XXX, who received 9,093 USD.
  • The top three is rounded off by a partner from Eastern Asia, account No. 1218XXX,


Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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