June 30, 2024

June Results: Gold Brings Astronomical Profits to NordFX's Top 3 Traders1

The brokerage firm NordFX has summarised the trading performance of its clients for June 2024. Additionally, the social trading services PAMM and CopyTrading, as well as the income generated by the company's IB partners, have been evaluated.

  • The leader of the month is a trader from South Asia, account No. 1773XXX, with a profit of USD 82,933. This impressive "astronomical" result was achieved through trades in gold (XAU/USD), a favourite instrument among NordFX's most successful traders.
  • In second place, with a result of USD 59,135, is another representative from South Asia, account No. 1771XXX, who also achieved success through the "golden" pair XAU/USD.
  • A trader from West Asia, account No. 1774XXX, secured third place with earnings of USD 58,653 from gold transactions in June.

In NordFX's passive investment services, the following developments were noted:

  • In the PAMM service, several startups caught attention due to their activity. AI Scalping Master High Risk showed a 100% profit in exactly 100 days, and Zenix 786 achieved a 72% profit in 99 days. These results are impressive, but the maximum drawdown for both managers was also significant – 46% and 36%, respectively. Therefore, the "High Risk" note in the name of the first account is not just words but a warning that trading in financial markets is risky. Investors must exercise maximum caution when entrusting money to any manager.
  • In CopyTrading, we continue to monitor the performance of the signal yahmat-forex, which recently celebrated its anniversary. Over 372 days, the provider of this signal managed to show a yield of 467% with a maximum drawdown of 47%. Among startups, the signal AA Strategy is notable, with a profit of 299% in just two months, though it also had a drawdown of more than 63%.

When considering subscribing to a signal, besides profit and drawdown, we advise paying attention to the manager's own capital. For example, in the case of AA Strategy, it is only USD 142. Now imagine you subscribe to this signal with the same lot (1:1), but your starting capital is not USD 142 but USD 425, which is three times more. In this case, your drawdown would be only 21% of the deposit, though the profit would also decrease from 299% to approximately 100%. However, doubling your capital in just two months is still quite impressive.

It should be noted here that the purpose of this explanation is not to convince you to subscribe to this particular signal but to remind you of the basic rules of money management and ways to reduce financial risks.

Among NordFX's IB partners, the top three are as follows:

  • The first place is held by a partner from West Asia, account No. 1645XXX, who was credited with a reward of USD 34,454 in June;
  • In second place is a partner from South Asia, account No. 1565XXX, who received a commission of USD 5,962;
  • Completing the top three is another representative from South Asia, account No. 1576XXX, who earned USD 5,429 for the month.


Notice: These materials are not investment recommendations or guidelines for working in financial markets and are intended for informational purposes only. Trading in financial markets is risky and can result in a complete loss of deposited funds.

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