Savings Account is a unique know-how developed by NordFX specialists, based on DeFi technology.
DeFi (from the English "Decentralized Financing") is a term for special applications in cryptocurrency or blockchain, aimed at eliminating financial intermediaries.

The Savings Account has undeniable advantages thanks to DeFi. It allows you to:
- get passive income about 30% per annum,
- and increase your profit through operations in the financial markets, taking a trade loan at only 3% per annum.

Investment income is credited to the Savings Account on a daily basis and can be withdrawn at any time without restrictions.

You can deposit funds to the Savings Account and withdraw them in the Trader's Cabinet in the appropriate section (a “rocket” on the toolbar).
You can also take a trade loan there. To do this, just press the Receive Loan button and select the required volume. The loan funds will be instantly credited to the balance of the Trader's Cabinet and can be used for trading on terms similar to those of a Zero Account.

The world's most popular stablecoin, Tether (USDT), the rate of which is secured by real US dollars in a ratio of 1:1, is used as the account currency.
Funding is also allowed in USDC, DAI, BUSD and other stablecoins, which will be converted to USDT automatically. Withdrawals are also possible in USDT.


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