Account Specifications

Currency Pairs
Commission, per leg
0.01 with a 0.01 step
Minimal Lot Size, BTC
1.00 with a 0.01 step
Minimal Lot Size, ETH, LTC
Not limited
Maximum lot size
Maximum of open positions and
pending orders
Automated trading
Marginal Requirements, of the Position Volume
-18% per year
Swap on Long and Short Positions
Market execution
Order Execution
Restrictions on news trading for stop orders**
Margin call/Stop out levels

Crypto currency is a digital (virtual) currency created by users of special peer-to-peer networks in the form of encrypted information (from the word "crypto"). Crypto currency is a decentralized unit, that is, it is only digitally issued, based on servers located around the world, it does not have a "monetary" form and is not connected with central banks and state currency system.

As for today, there are thousands of various crypto currencies. NordFX offers trading with most popular and famous of them - Bitcoin (BTC), Lightcoin (LTC) and Etherium (ETH).

Bitcoin. Created in 2008, it is the ancestor of all crypto currencies and is based on decades of research by cryptographers around the world. The first exchange of bitcoins took place in September 2009 - 5050 BTC were exchanged for 5 dollars 2 cents. In 2017, the exchange rate exceeded $ 3000 per 1 BTC.

Litecoin. This crypto currency was established in 2011 with the aim of creating a kind of analogue of silver in the digital finance market. Only for the first six months of 2017, the cost of LTC increased tenfold - from $ 4 to $ 40.

Etherium is a crypto currency of the second generation. This is a network similar to Bitcoin, and a block-platform at the same time, which allows you to register any contracts with any assets without having to resort to usual legal procedures. In the first six months of 2017, the ETH exchange rate increased by more than 250% (from $ 10.71 to $ 276.60 for 1 ETH).

* Due to the specifics of the MetaTrader 4 platform, a commission of 0.2% per leg is charged immediately upon opening the position, for a full turnover, the commission will be 0.4%.

** Since the MT server does not always correctly calculate gap levels when stop and stop loss orders are activated during strong market movements (for example, when important economic news is released), trading on news on this type of account is not supported.
Orders that accidentally fall into the price gap in the conditions described above, do not fall under this restriction.

*** One hour before the market closing, the levels of margin calls and stop outs can be increased to 200%. Please, be careful with the positions you are going to leave for the weekend.

**** For the "Crypto" account, the trade stops for 5 minutes every Sunday at 04:15 on the MT4 server.

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