September 4, 2018

Starting from September 3, in addition to MT4, NordFX launches exchange trading in cryptocurrencies based on the MetaTrader 5 platform. This platform, as well as the Crypto account, is intended only for operations with cryptocurrencies, where all clients carry out transactions not with a broker or an exchange, but exclusively with each other. At the same time, the system is completely transparent: thanks to the depth of the market, each limit order is visible to all trade participants.

As before, traders have an opportunity to profit not only from the growth, but also from the fall of cryptocurrencies. As for margin trading, its opportunities have become much wider. If it is $300 that you need to open a position of 1 bitcoin on MetaTrader 4 at the moment, it is just $100 that is enough on MetaTrader 5.

Unlike many crypto exchanges, in NordFX, traders can profit not only on trading, but also on maintaining exchange liquidity. Commission fees for the maker traders are negative. That is, they receive a remuneration of 0.02% of each transaction volume. As for the commission fee charged to the taker traders, it is the lowest in the market and is only 0.09%.

Thanks to the presence of two platforms, MT 4 and MT 5, traders can apply a wide variety of trading strategies using dozens and hundreds of indicators. There are no restrictions on the use of expert advisers either. And thanks to the low commission and the rapid execution of orders, it has become possible to profit from the slightest market fluctuations. 

In total, there are 14 main crypto pairs, cross pairs and 4 crypto-indexes available for trading 24/7/365 without holidays and holidays at the moment. The Crypto account is intended exclusively for exchange crypto trading, that is, trading in traditional currency pairs is not available on it. For traditional trading, you can use the MT4 platform, where you can also trade major fiat currencies (33 currency pairs), gold and silver, using a leverage of up to 1:1000. 

The Crypto trading account for MT 5 can be nominated in both US dollars and in bitcoins or Ethereums. Accordingly, depositing and withdrawal to wallets are also possible in USD, BTC and ETH. To get more information about this account and the terms of trading on the MetaTrader 5, please visit the NordFX website at

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