March 8, 2024

NordFX's New Mega Super Lottery: 202+4 Prizes in 20241

The new mega super lottery by brokerage firm NordFX kicked off on 8 March this year, featuring a multitude of cash prizes ranging from $250 to $5,000, amounting to a total of $100,000.

The Super Lottery with a prize pool of $100,000 has become a tradition, as NordFX has been hosting it for the fourth consecutive year. Over this time, more than 500 clients of this broker have emerged as winners. Unlike traders' contests, the lottery's undeniable advantage is that both experienced professionals and newcomers have completely equal chances of winning. Another benefit is that lottery winners receive their prizes in real money, not bonuses, which they can either use for further trading or withdraw without any restrictions.

There's also a third advantage: becoming a lottery participant and getting a chance to win one or even several prizes is very straightforward. You just need to have a Pro account with NordFX (or register and open a new one), fund it with $200, and simply trade. By making a trade turnover of just 2 lots in Forex currency pairs or gold (or 4 lots in silver), a trader automatically receives a virtual lottery ticket. The number of tickets per participant is unlimited. The more deposits and the higher the turnover, the more lottery tickets a participant will have, and the greater their chances of becoming one of the winners. The Super Lottery from NordFX is an excellent opportunity for traders not only to try their luck in winning cash prizes but also to increase their trading activity and possibly discover new trading strategies.

The slogan of this year's lottery, "Your 202+4 Chances to Win in 2024," makes it clear there will be plenty of prizes. This year, winners will receive 202 prizes (140 of $250, 30 of $500, 20 of $750, and 12 of $1,250) plus an additional 4 super prizes of $5,000 each. The total prize pool of $100,000 is divided into three parts: $20,000 will be played out in both the summer and autumn draws, and the third, New Year's, and most significant draw will have $60,000 in prizes.

For more details, visit NordFX's website at . You can become a participant of the Mega Super Lottery 2024 and start receiving lottery tickets right now.


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